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It's About Study Success

Our recruitment objectives do not rest at meeting your target specification.  We align our goals with your research goals and seek respondents who have the capacity to effectively contribute to the success of your study.

We're All In

Experience, thirst for knowledge and resourcefulness are pivotal to intelligent recruitment. Our experienced, agile and venturesome teams go further and dig deeper, constantly pushing the boundaries of our recruitment capabilities to enable meaningful insights.


Smart Partnerships

We have developed valuable collaborative partnerships with associations, groups. Communities, charities and publications to provide unique access to very specific target groups.

Big Toolbox

Applying these qualities to an arsenal of web, phone, and in-person methods and techniques sets us apart in finding and engaging a diverse population across a wide range of markets and types.

Who Do We Connect?

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How Do We Connect?







Feasibility Specialists

Any enthusiastic recruitment provider can promise you your target. Human variables in data collection prevent it from being an exact science, although at Schlesinger, we believe it should be a series of continuous refinements.
Our Consulting Team has the knowledge and experience to consult with you on recruitment feasibility at the outset to reduce risk to quality or deliverability and optimize success.

“Our goal is not to win your study but to win your trust and subsequent studies.”

– Terri-Lyn Hawley

Understand target populations, population access, project constraints, timelines, obstacles, and most importantly, study possibilities so that your project is set up for results.

We draw from an unparalleled blend of industry understanding, data collection knowledge, behavioral data, recruitment experience, and effective relationships which include:

  • Our proprietary panel
  • Panel response rates
  • Industry knowledge of target groups
  • Community and industry relationships
  • Free-finding capabilities
  • Previous experience
  • Appropriate methodologies for best results
  • Strategic access partnerships

We always welcome a conversation about your study for the best understanding of how we can deliver answers to your important questions.

Diverse and Extensive Panels

We employ numerous traditional and innovative techniques and resources to build diverse and extensive panels.  Using varied methods of recruitment ensures a wide respondent pool from which to collect your data.
  • Live interviewers (telephone and in-person recruiting)
  • Online marketing
  • Social networking
  • Mainstream and special topic / audience publishers
  • Support group funneling
  • Live events and community activity
Many of our panels enjoy the diversity of participating in qualitative as well as quantitative studies. Familiarity with both online and in-person methods makes our panelists uniquely suited to hybrid studies.  For online studies, creating our qualitative relationships also allows for significantly higher levels of interaction with many of our participants than any other online panel.

A Responsible Approach to Our Panel Members

We manage our panels of members with sensitivity, responsibility, creative engagement techniques and real rewards.  Our communities of double opt-in, stringently verified members are critical in enabling us to locate your targets quickly, precisely and reliably.

Take the Pain Out of Multi-Market Studies

If you are conducting a study over several markets in one of our home countries, we will be happy to advise on markets and solutions that best suit your study objectives and carefully manage your needs.  With one point of contact, we can place your study throughout any of our network of facilities or with other trusted partners.
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Global Solutions

Our network of global strategic  partners allows us to  provide global reach for your qualitative or quantitative study.  For qualitative, a dedicated  global  manager oversees your recruitment and data collection, guiding you through international landscapes. For online quantitative, we apply our expertise in executing multiple panels for superior survey results.

Want to learn more? Connect with our experts.


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