Moderate Anywhere™ Use Cases

Our qualitative Restech solution, Moderate Anywhere™, allows you to host your in-person research from the comfort of your own home or office.

From finding your target audience to hosting your research at our facilities to providing hands-on technical support, we have you covered with a two-way video qualitative solution.

Here are a few ways that you can save time and travel costs with Moderate Anywhere.

Product & Device Testing

Leverage the in-facility experience to get your products and prototypes into the hands of your target audience while ensuring your sensitive research materials are secure.

Central Location Testing

Take advantage of our onsite facility team who will oversee your study participants‘ arrival and all onsite research logistics, so you can focus on the research.

General Discussion

Deliver the insights you expect from in-person with access to in-facility IDIs and mini-groups. Our teams customize your facility rooms to your preferences to match your research needs.

Multi-City Studies

Be two places at once with Moderate Anywhere. Using this solution, you can conduct research in New York in the morning and Los Angeles in the afternoon – saving you time in the field.

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