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Clinical Leadership News

Schlesinger Appoints Chris Kim to Lead Its Human Factors Research Division We are excited to announce that Chris Kim, MD, has joined Schlesinger Clinical Research to spearhead our human factors and usability solutions in his role as Vice President, Human Factors. As a part of his role, Chris provides insight on both US and EU […]

Swing Voters – June Update

The Latest Findings from Our Swing Voter Research The Swing Voter Project, a collaboration between Schlesinger Group and Engagious, continued this month to understand how voters in key battleground states are thinking and talking about critical issues affecting the economy, including the federal stimulus program, unemployment benefits, national debt, and inflation. Two online focus groups […]

Global Panel Leadership News

Schlesinger Appoints Joe Giacobbe to Lead Its Global Panel Strategy We are excited to announce that Joe Giacobbe has joined Schlesinger Group to support our panel strategy and growth in his role as Senior Vice President, Global Panels. Joe will play a vital role in harnessing our vast panel to connect you with the right […]

Gain an Edge with Quant

Gain a Competitive Edge with Your Quantitative Research At Schlesinger Group, we make your quantitative research smarter, faster, and easier. Connect you seamlessly with our proprietary global panels and highly scrutinized third-party panels via APIs, helping you gain high-quality responses for your surveys, faster. Our programmatic sampling solution harnesses advanced data science and automation to […]

Global Qual Leadership News

Schlesinger Appoints Sarah Briscoe to Lead its Global Qualitative Solutions Team We are pleased to announce that Sarah Briscoe has been appointed to head our project management service for global studies. In Sarah’s new role as Vice President, Global Qualitative Solutions, she will lead our talented team of global account and fieldwork managers and will […]

Swing Voters – May Update

The Latest Findings from Our Swing Voter Research The Swing Voter Project, a collaboration between Schlesinger Group and Engagious, continued this month to better understand how voters in key battleground states are thinking and talking about key issues; including the 2022 election, Rep. Liz Cheney, and President Biden’s spending plans. Conducted May 11, the eve […]

Product Testing Webinar

How COVID Fast-Tracked Product Testing Innovation  A little over a year ago, COVID-19 restrictions stopped in-home and observational research practically overnight. As a result, our clients in the product development and innovation space lost their ability to actually see consumers interact with and use their products in their homes. But, as we all know, necessity […]

Flexible ResTech Solutions

Flexible Research Technology Solutions At Schlesinger Group, we are continually responding to changing landscapes and researcher needs. We have developed new research technology and adjusted approaches to meet qualitative research objectives – online, in-person, or by combining methods. Download our latest success story and register for our webinar to see how researchers are taking flexible […]

Neuro Results to Biden’s Address

See Voters Neuro-Reactions to Biden’s Joint Session Address We were delighted to sponsor the facility and recruitment for the latest Neuro Political Study. By partnering with IVP Research Labs, HCD Research, and Shimmer, we successfully gauged voter response to President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress. Our Philadelphia team hosted two in-person […]

Paris Office Opens May 19

Paris is Opening, So are We! As restrictions lift in Paris, we are delighted to announce our high-specification research, strategy, and testing facility will open for in-person research on May 19. Connect in-person with consumer, HCP, and B2B audiences in this key European market. We have installed an air renewal system that purifies the air […]

In-Person Research Heating Up

In-Person Research is Heating Up We have good news for our clients who love in-person research. As restrictions lift and business approaches change, confidence is growing. While in-person research across our key markets in the US and UK grew steadily during the first few months of the year, we have seen a notable increase in [...]

Tour Our New London Facility

Successful Research Outcomes at Our New London Location   Our Schlesinger Group UK team has been delighted to welcome clients to our new Central London facility since it opened at the beginning of April, and they have been thrilled with the new space. Spanning the entire 5th floor at 9 Kingsway, our new one-level research, [...]

Swing Voters – April Update

The Latest Findings from Our Swing Voter Research The Swing Voter Project, a collaboration between Schlesinger Group and Engagious, continued this month to better understand how voters in key battleground states are thinking and talking about President Biden and national priorities. The online swing voter focus groups, conducted on April 13, included conversations around Biden’s […]

How to Ace Global Qual Studies

How to Ace Global Qualitative Studies At Schlesinger Group, we understand that navigating the complexities of conducting global qualitative research is challenging. While the steps are similar to most domestic projects, understanding the differences can help you avoid unforeseen setbacks, compromised results, or additional costs. We have created a short guide to help you enjoy […]

New London Facility Opens

Our New London Facility Opens Next Week Opening April 6 at 9 Kingsway WC2 Spanning the entire 5th floor, our new one-level research, strategy, and testing space in London was designed with particular attention to researcher needs, both during Covid and beyond. Six contemporary research suites offer flexible configurations for a variety of research methods […]

RAS Certification in the UK

Schlesinger Group UK is RAS Certified  Schlesinger Group UK is AQR/MRS Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS) Certified.  The RAS Company Accreditation developed by MRS and the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR) aims to improve the quality of qualitative recruitment by creating a set of standards for recruitment knowledge, skills, and competencies. The RAS is designed to recognize the range of knowledge and understanding required […]

Addison Research Acquisition

Schlesinger Group Acquires Addison Research We are delighted to announce we have acquired Addison Research, a rapidly growing fieldwork and research services provider, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with clients based predominantly in the Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. Our combined qualitative and quantitative capabilities unlock substantial additional value for both Addison and Schlesinger clients. […]

Swing Voters – March Update

The Latest Findings from Our Swing Voter Research The Swing Voter Project, a collaboration between Schlesinger Group and Engagious, continued this month to better understand how voters in key battleground states are thinking and talking about President Biden and national priorities. The online swing voter focus groups, conducted on March 16, included conversations around immigration, [...]

QualBoard 4.0: Use Cases

QualBoard 4.0 Insights Platform Use Cases to Gain an Edge with Your Digital Qualitative Research “Can I have pricing for a three-day online discussion?” This is a request that comes across our desks at least ten times a day, but as more and more clients want out-of-the-box solutions, it is important to know all you […]

Introducing Moderate Anywhere™

Be There With Moderate Anywhere™ Host in-facility research from your home or office. Introducing Moderate Anywhere™, a qualitative technology solution, that allows researchers to conduct in-facility research from anywhere they have a computer, webcam, and internet. Moderate Anywhere uses proprietary online research technology to host in-person IDIs, focus groups, and CLTs with respondents in the […]

Schlesinger Qualitative Update

In-Person Research is Happening Now Schlesinger Group is successfully conducting in-person research in our facilities across a variety of research methods, including IDIs and focus groups, usability testing, taste tests, and medical device testing. From project set up to execution, our recruitment, project management, and facility teams are working closely with our clients to drive […]

Sensory Research

Sensory Research is in High Demand at Schlesinger Group Our clients report that seeing participants interact with products in-person provides rich nuanced feedback that allows for better understanding and confident decision-making. Our Large Spaces are Ideally Suited to Sensory Studies  Our locations across key markets in the US feature supersized research and testing spaces, allowing […]

UK is Open for Essential Research

Schlesinger Group UK is Open for Essential In-Person Research We are delighted to share good news today that Schlesinger Group UK is open for essential face-to-face research, including healthcare research and studies focused on COVID-19. Our team is following MRS guidance which interprets the latest COVID-19 government restrictions, imposed in November 2020, and the implications […]

Europe COVID-19 Update

A Status Update for Qual at Schlesinger Europe There have been recent changes to restrictions in Europe and we would like to keep you abreast of research possibilities in our locations. Where in-person research is not an option, our proprietary online platforms support easy-to-use online methods to allow you to continue your important research. Status […]

Risk-Free In-Person Research Q4

Risk-Free In-Person Research for Q4 Researchers are taking advantage of our risk-free in-person solutions, which we have extended as our business is ramping up into Q4. As we prepare your in-person project, we will safeguard it with a backup plan for an online solution through our high-performing proprietary 20|20 Research tools or a platform of […]

Senior Leadership Expansion

Schlesinger Expands Its Senior Leadership  We have expanded our senior leadership and made a series of C-suite promotions to support recent growth and our integrated service objectives. Steve Schlesinger, CEO, said, “We believe in investing in talent across our core solutions and corporate services, and I have immense trust in this remarkable team to unlock further value for our clients and drive success. The new structure completes a highly focused team to drive functional strategy, operational excellence, and seamless […]

Q4 In-Person Research

Helping Researchers Achieve Successful In-Person Study Outcomes As researchers continue to gain confidence, having successfully conducted in-person research, and as the fourth quarter revs up, we have seen our rate of facility bookings in the US and Europe increase. We are delighted to report 20% of our US qualitative business was with new clients. From […]

Join Us at TMRE 2020

Join Us at TMRE 2020 October 5-8, 2020 Virtual  There is still time to register for  The Market Research Event 2020, which promises to engage us on all aspects of lessons learned, methodologies and what’s working and what’s not in today’s research environments. The agenda is packed with high-caliber speakers and their success stories. Our […]

Our Research Labs Partner

Gain Deeper Insights & Compelling Data Visualization with Qualitative Research Labs Schlesinger Group partners with IVP Research Labs for qualitative research technology labs, in-person and online. Whether you wish to precisely measure web or product usability or whether you wish to go beyond conscious self-report to include emotional measures, IVP’s research labs are designed to […]

Swing Voters in Warren, MI

Swing Voters in Warren, MI Weigh in on Election 2020 Respondents from Warren, MI took part in a swing voter focus group on July 20, 2020 as part of Schlesinger Group and  Engagious' swing voter series, where they facilitate twenty-one focus groups in key battleground counties across the USA to explore swing voters opinions leading [...]