The market research industry is constantly changing and evolving. But for most of us, setting an hour aside to learn about the newest solution or best practice without distractions can be difficult.

That’s why we created our webinar series, Compelling Conversations. In each session, we invite an expert to discuss a trending industry topic or share best practices, in fifteen minutes or less.

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How ResTech is
Impacting Our Industry

In this session, our CIO, Isaac Rogers, answered questions around the emerging trend of ResTech and shared some perspective on what it means for the industry and for researchers’ day-to-day experiences.

Decoding Hybrid Research

During this session, Holly Savage, Sr. Director of Research Management, answered questions around the evolving topic of Hybrid Research and shared tips for how you can effectively take advantage of this approach.

Why Participant UX Matters for Digital Qual

In this session, Ross McLean, Vice President of Mobile Qualitative, answered questions around why the participant experience is crucial for digital qualitative and how researchers can take advantage of a participant-focused approach for greater insights.

Deciphering Human Factors

During this session, Chris Kim, MD, Vice President, Human Factors, answered questions around the evolving topic of Human Factors Testing and share tips for how you can effectively take advantage of the approach for greater insights.

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