Stefan Meissner Promotion in Spain

Schlesinger Group is delighted to announce that Stefan Meissner has been promoted to Deputy Managing Director of BDI Research in Spain.

Stefan’s immediate priorities are to expand the offering in Spain from mainly consumer solutions to also position BDI as Spain’s leading provider of qualitative healthcare research. To achieve this, he will leverage BDI’s recent acquisition of ThinkPhar.

Stefan joined BDI over 17 years ago, during which time he has developed strong international research skills, managing critical accounts from Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He brings to the role a passion for the success of Schlesinger Group and expertise in both qual and quant studies and, in particular, complex quant methodologies.

Fluency in Spanish, English, and German (a native speaker) allows Stefan to be an active partner for the European teams. His promotion comes as a result of his focused business development approach, his effective client relationships, his leadership skills, his commitment to our core values, and his adaptability to the goals of our growing companies.

Connect With Stefan
 +34 934 155 228