Michael Schulte


Senior Vice President, Client Solutions

Michael Schulte is Senior Vice President, Client Solutions for our healthcare vertical. In this role he manages several global healthcare accounts and provides consultative services for our clients, ranging from strategic account planning, to project execution. Michael joined the Schlesinger family in 2015 when MedQuery was acquired by Schlesinger Group.

Michael has been in marketing research his entire professional career, starting off as a project manager for Horizon Insight – a full-service research consulting agency. With that experience, he learned the fundamentals but consistently challenged the status quo, and in the process, developed a well-defined qualitative research strategy for the market research environment as we know it today.

He brings the insight of a qualitative customer and combined it with over ten years of experience as the Managing Director of Horizon InFocus and later as, Vice President of MedQuery.

Michael attended the University of Kentucky and achieved his Certificate of Proficiency in Qualitative Research from the Burke Institute in Cincinnati Ohio.  He’s an active member of both, PMRG and Insights Association and works out of our London office, where he lives with his two dogs, Watson and Holmes.

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