Michael Spencer


VP, Partnerships and Feasibility

Michael Spencer heads up our quantitative global procurement solutions team, overseeing bidding operations in addition to managing our stringently-vetted strategic partner network across the globe.

Michael is an expert on healthcare research, having extensive knowledge of myriad therapeutic areas and remains current on pharmaceutical and medical industry trends as well as government regulatory changes.

Michael began his career in marketing research 1999 and has served in operations management and sales support management roles at Harris Interactive, Ugam Research Solutions, and most recently M3 Global, where he oversaw a team of Global Account Managers, as well as developing and managing partner relationships.

Prior to his career in marketing research Michael working in hospitality, real estate and advertising industries for over 25 years.

Michael lives in New Jersey. He enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and exploring new cultures. He is a self-described ‘foodie’ who enjoys cooking and, when time permits, remodeling his home.

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