Terri-Lyn Hawley


Senior Vice President, Client Solutions

Terri-Lyn Hawley began her career in market research as Project Manager at Focus on Boston and joined Schlesinger Group in 2002 to open the Boston office and focus group facility as its Facility Director. Terri has extensive experience conducting qualitative studies using various research methodologies across healthcare, consumer, and business-to-business markets, collaborating with colleagues for multi-market and multi-methodology studies.

Terri-Lyn is an active member of the AMA, PMRG, and the Insights Association where she personally lobbied the State of Massachusetts and got an exemption for market research in its Health Care Professional Incentives Reporting Law.

Terri-Lyn attended Northeastern University, majoring in Finance.

Terri-Lyn lives in Saugus, MA with her husband and in her spare time, enjoys reading and traveling.

Awards & Recognition

Sarah B. Schlesinger Leadership Award

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