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We Have You Covered
We are one of the few companies who can combine core strengths in panel, data collection methodologies, leading technology systems and platforms, plus experience to create outstanding solutions globally.

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At the Front Line of Survey Optimization
Survey optimization is paramount for reliable results. We conduct our own research on participant behaviors to build on our expertise ensuring the highest engagement.

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Unparalleled Understanding of Quality Drivers
Our online experts apply their knowledge and experience to drive outstanding results across panel, sample and survey.  Technology-driven quality controls ensure advanced data collection validation.

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Quality Across Our Global Network
We have strong, well-profiled panels and access to a stringently vetted global network managed for success. We know our panels.  This helps us to be skilled at feasibility.  Then we apply our expertise in executing multiple panels and conducting surveys for the best results.

…Enhanced by Our Qualitative Heritage


Real People. Real Data
Much of our panel was built through custom recruitment of projects, with real people that have participated in-person with us which means a high level of in-person or on-phone authentication.  This is a key differentiator and this style of recruitment tends to yield better quality because the respondents are not faceless records, they are real people.


World-Class Project Management
Qualitative or quantitative. We know trust is earned and our clients get the same smart, consultative data collection support for their projects from a team which is extremely knowledgeable, well trained and focused entirely on your success.


Enhanced Panel Integration
Many of our panels participate in qualitative as well as quantitative studies creating relationships allow for significantly higher levels of interaction with many of our participants than any other online panel.


Hybrid Solutions at Your Fingertips
Smartly positioned for today’s marketing research approaches, we have the flexibility to combine online surveys with a range of qualitative methods with ease and efficiency.

Comprehensive Online Survey Solutions

World-Class Project Management
You can be sure your team is extremely knowledgeable, well trained and focused on your success.  Your dedicated project manager will partner with you for proactive project advice, support and monitoring during your entire study and push the boundaries of our capabilities to deliver the results you need.

Survey Programming
From simple to highly complex , our expert programmers leverage survey design and logic to yield high completion rates and deliver the most reliable data.  Your surveys can be fully branded and customized to support special survey objectives and add-ons, including multi-media, to enhance the user experience and increase engagement.

Survey Hosting & Tracking
Our secure survey hosting platform supports multi-lingual surveys and we can manage your survey translation requirements. For quick, clear fieldwork updates, we create a secure reporting portal with dashboard features that allows researchers to check their summary data in real time. In a single secure location, clients have access to easy to use survey testing features, real time data monitoring and the ability to export results.

Data Delivery & Tracking
We provide study deliverables in an actionable format according to your specification, in all popular, easy-to-read formats including SPSS, Excel and ASCII.

We also provide various data processing services such as tabulations, back translations and open end coding, upon request.  All data deliverables go through stringent data quality checks before final delivery.

Survey Consultation

We apply our knowledge and experience to deliver the open and honest project feasibility.  We know that panel size is not the only determining factor of a successful partner or project. Whether or not we can get a project completed is our focus. Investing the time to understand your needs and goals and customizing a recruitment plan specific to your project is what sets us apart.


Reaching the Mobile Respondent

The massive adoption of mobile devices to access the internet, allows researchers, even in an off-line environment to engage with populations away from their PCs and in the moment.

Our leading-edge survey software is designed to be compatible with a broad range of browsers and mobile devices, so the advanced logic capabilities of our online surveys can be applied seamlessly to your survey.

Yet just because we can, does not always mean we should. Given some of the highly advanced and customized capabilities of our survey software and programming, we do not make broad statements about ‘across the board’ compatibility. Our team reviews each particular survey design to determine if it is suitable to be administered on a small screen device.

Diverse & Extensive Panels

We employ numerous traditional and innovative techniques and resources to build diverse and extensive panels. Using varied methods of recruitment ensures a wide respondent pool from which to collect your data.

Live Interviewers

Online Marketing

Mainstream and Special topic / audience publishers

Support Group Funneling

Live Events & Community Activity

Your Data is Our Highest Priority

We have made significant investments to enhance capabilities, efficiency and most importantly, our security. Our internal control system has been developed for the highest security of client and participant data during all stages of your study and our on-going partnership.  Our data security includes measures for;

  • The prevention of unauthorized access to your survey
  • The protection of your survey response data while on the internet via SSL encryption technology

Data Integrity Software:

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Esomar 28

Schlesinger Answers ESOMAR 28 Questions to Help Online Research Buyers


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