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eye tracking

Gain Deeper Insights & Compelling Data Visualization with Qualitative Research Labs

Schlesinger Group partners with IVP Research Labs for qualitative research ...
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Enhanced Online Survey Capabilities

Enhanced Online Survey Capabilities

Our online surveys team is busy conducting studies in the ...
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online qualitative

A Comprehensive Suite of Solutions Supports all Research Objectives and Challenges

As the world's most comprehensive data collection and research services ...
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How Does Brexit Impact Your UK Studies?

The UK Has Now Left the EU. How Does This ...
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hands typing transcription

Schlesinger Transcription Services Go Beyond Our Focus Groups

In addition to transcription for our focus groups and in-depth ...
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Jury Research

Your Trusted Facility & Recruitment Partner for Legal Focus Groups, Mock Juries & Mock Trials

Schlesinger Group delivers a high-end, one-stop solution for jury consultants ...
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mobile qualitative phone in hand

Is Your Recruitment Optimized for Online Qual?

Online Qualitative research methodologies and technologies are increasingly varied and ...
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