Your Trusted Facility & Recruitment Partner for Legal Focus Groups, Mock Juries & Mock Trials

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Schlesinger Group delivers a high-end, one-stop solution for jury consultants. From recruitment to facilities, to online solutions and technology, our talented project managers have an uncompromising commitment to your jury research results and your research experience.

The Right People
An Intelligent Approach to Recruiting for Jury Research

We are experts in recruiting the right participants to your trial specifications. We recruit in key markets across the US-based upon trial venue demographics and attitudes. Experience and resourcefulness are pivotal to our intelligent recruitment approach. Our teams apply their talents to an arsenal of web, phone, and in-person recruitment methods and techniques which set us apart in finding and engaging your target participants to represent a trial jury.

In the Right Place
World-Class Jury Research Spaces

Our centrally-located facilities in major markets across the US are ideal for legal focus groups, mock juries and in our larger spaces, mock trails.

  • Spacious conference rooms
  • Private viewing rooms with large, one-way mirrors
  • Client lounges
  • Breakout rooms for hosting deliberations
  • High-definition recording and playback equipment
  • Hosts trained in privacy and confidentiality
  • Double-sized rooms in several of our locations to allow for more complex research or full mock trails: Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, NYC, & Phoenix

With the Right Toolbox
Enhance Your Jury Research with Mobile Research Labs.

  • In-Person Neuroscience
    Measure audience’s subconscious reactions to concepts, presentations, and visuals, eliciting honest and uncontaminated feedback, in real-time. Learn more
  • In-Person-Dials Testing
    Accelerate and simplify your results. Gauge presentation appeal and interest via closed-end questions responded to non-verbally and anonymously, promoting unbiased participation and delivering results live to you and your clients. Learn more

Cut Across Geographic Boundaries and Time Restrictions with Online Research

  • Online Qualitative Jury Research
    Conduct multi-location sessions in one day or recruit respondents across geographic boundaries and a wider timescale. Fast recruitment and no travel schedules allow you to conduct more research in less time. Multi-media capabilities enrich the online experience. Participants mark-up stimulus providing your clients with creative, visual feedback direct from mock jurors. Learn more
  • Online Survey Jury Research
    We program and host online survey questions for participants to answer either onsite, using tablets during a mock jury session, or remotely. Learn more
  • Online Neuroscience Labs
    Techniques such as facial coding allow you to passively measure subconscious emotional response to stimuli using just a webcam. Learn more