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Schlesinger Group is the leading international data collection and research services company. We provide the most innovative technology-led market research services for any research methodology worldwide.

We seek great talent, believing we are only as outstanding as the people on our team.

Interested in a Career at Schlesinger Group?

Job Opportunities

We seek to hire professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who are bright, solutions oriented, dynamic, thoughtful, and demonstrate initiative.


Internship Opportunities

We offer internships to college students, graduate students, and recent college graduates, providing valuable exposure to our operations and service areas.


Many Minds, One Voice

What Happens When We Invite People From All Over The World Into The Room?
Creative ideas, enthusiasm to collaborate, and a greater sense of community play in harmony. From our leadership to team members, you are a part of our circle of self-growth and support. Oh, and yes, we make it fun!

Victory is Yours

Innovation drives our business, and we are accelerating our growth. We provide an environment for learning beyond your job description, and we encourage you to switch lanes and push your limits. You are powered with the tools for success, and everyone is cheering for you.


People. Passion. Purpose.

Did You Know We Are A Family-Founded Business?

Our values were set in stone over 55 years ago. Celebrate the evolution of our vision. We empower you to:


Be inspiring in what you do.
Shatter expectations.
Celebrate the wins. Have fun.


Teach, learn, and listen.
Embrace the uniqueness of
others and empower everyone.



We are disruptors, we are
constantly learning new ways
to innovate. Challenge
the status quo.



Be a trailblazer. Take
chances. Make mistakes
and grow from them.



Show up everyday being
yourself. Bring your ideas
and opinions – they matter.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Schlesinger Group is committed to a workplace and organizational culture that promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We believe the best way to facilitate this culture is through policy, education, openness, and opportunities for employees to voice their feelings, experiences, concerns, and ideas.

Schlesinger Group DIEB Advisory Council is focused on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging across our group.  Employee Resource Groups come together in the Schlesinger Group workplace based on shared characteristics, life experiences, and interests to share, support, and raise awareness and understanding.

Schlesinger Employee Resource Groups

Community volunteerism and social action deepen our human connection, and we celebrate the diverse interests of our employees! We also support your career growth.

Through diversity groups, volunteer/social impact, passion projects, and professional development groups, our employees believe in making a difference in the lives of the people we work with and the people in the communities we live in.


Strengthening Women Across Generations


Against Racism


Promote Respect, Inclusion & Dignity for Everyone

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