Chris Kim

Schlesinger Appoints Chris Kim to Lead Its Human Factors Research Division

We are excited to announce that Chris Kim, MD, has joined Schlesinger Clinical Research to spearhead our human factors and usability solutions in his role as Vice President, Human Factors.

As a part of his role, Chris provides insight on both US and EU regulatory requirements and is a member of the AAMI HF faculty who actively contributes to the drafting of international guidance documents surrounding human factors and usability testing.

Chris joins Schlesinger Clinical Research with 15 years of experience in research and development of medical devices. Throughout his career, he has contributed to the regulatory process of over 300 different medical devices. Chris also lectures at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and The University of Pennsylvania in best research practices for medical device development.

Commenting on the appointment, Shannon Childs, SVP, Strategic Development, Schlesinger Group, said, “Chris brings unique expertise to this position and will deliver substantial added value for our clients. This appointment underscores our continued commitment to providing unparalleled testing solutions in the human factors arena.”

Chris added, “With a robust database of healthcare professionals and patients available, along with an unparalleled infrastructure of facilities around the world, I am excited to join the Schlesinger Clinical Research team to help meet the full gamut of human factors and medical device research needs the industry has been seeking for some time now.”

Connect with Chris

Chris is presenting at the Arena Clinical Trials for Medical Devices Conference on June 23rd, where will share how to utilize traditional consumer product-driven tools for conducting human factors/simulated-use medical device testing.

Chris Kim, MD, VP, Human Factors