Market Cube is Now Schlesinger Group


Market Cube has rebranded as Schlesinger Group.

Since Schlesinger Group acquired Market Cube in February 2020, we have integrated our teams and our services to provide one seamless exceptional brand experience. As the world’s most comprehensive data collection provider, we now offer a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research solutions globally.

A Broad Range of Qualitative & Quantitative Research Solutions

A Broad Range of Qual & Quant Solutions

online surveys
focus groups
digital qualitative
clinical research
in person quant
product tests
research labs
jury research
custom panels

Comprehensive Survey Solutions

Whether you need an end-to-end solution or just a piece of the data collection puzzle, whether you need a simple questionnaire or a complex detailed study, our team of survey management and optimization experts are committed to high-touch project support and laser focus.

Advanced programming

Advanced programmatic and data science capabilities for faster, smarter results at scale.


Technology harnessed by expert teams who put the human experience at the center of their work.

market research

Global respondent access through vast proprietary panels and API connectivity to the world’s leading panels.

Working in partnership with you, Schlesinger Group goes further than high-precision data collection.


Let’s Work Together

Ted Pulsifer
EVP, Enterprise Solutions

Aditya Raj
EVP, Schlesinger Quantitative