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Passerelles presents remarkable focus group facilities in Central Paris districts of The Grands Boulevards and Bastille.
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Passerelles operates as a stand-alone facility service for our clients in France and from around the world.  If you require access to additional research markets, project management and recruitment services, at your request, we care happy to connect you with our sister company, ConsuMed Research and its team who are able to fully support your full data collection needs.

A Little About Our History

Passerelles opened in 1999 in Paris, setting the benchmark for focus group facility quality, technology and service in France. In 2010, Schlesinger Group identified Passerelles as the leading facility in Paris and our relationship lead to the acquisition of the business making it the first choice in France for it clients.

Importantly, we have preserved our local identity and culture while our clients also benefit from the investment, processes, partnerships and early access to innovative technologies that come with being part of a leading-edge data collection group.

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Hanna Assouline, Facility Director, France & UK
+44 207 487 9290

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