Nous adoptons le nom de marque Schlesinger Group France. En savoir plus

Schlesinger Group France is the leading provider of outstanding recruitment and project management services for your studies in France. We specialize in taking care of international clients and our bilingual team has a genuine understanding of your international expectations including accommodating time zone and public holiday variances.

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ISO Certification French

Schlesinger Group France is ISO Certified

Schlesinger Group France is certified in ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and ISO 20252 Market Research Business & Quality Standard as part of our commitment to delivering the highest quality research services. Our proven standards of discipline and transparency in our management and data collection processes are the highest in the industry.  For our clients this means a high level of confidence that you can rely on our quality from proposal, sampling and project management through to data delivery and feedback.

Intelligent Recruitment Services In France

We recruit for and diligently manage any kind of market research study, including focus groups, IDIs, ethnographies, telephone interviews, a range of online qualitative methods and quantitative studies. Our recruitment markets  include, healthcare, consumer, IT and business-to-business.


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Passerelles Atelier

Recruiting to Local Facilities

Schlesinger Group places your studies in our central Paris facility at Passerelles or in our partner facilities across France.

Comprehensive Research Services


Appropriate Facility for Your Study


Provision of Qualified Moderator for Your Study Topic


Provision of Notetaker


Coding and Sorting



Complete Language Services

Our bi-lingual teams support your project management.

We also provide specialist language services:

Translation of All Research Material
Simultaneous Interpretation
Transcript Translation
Report Translation
Translation of Report Summary


A Little About Our History

Schlesinger Group France began it journey as ConsuMed Research in 2004 and soon became a trusted choice for medical data collection services in France, In 2008, The business was acquired by Eric Nalpas a research enthusiastic with a marketing research history at Nielsen. Shortly afterwards, Schlesinger Group began working with ConsuMed for client studies in France and a close trusted partnership was formed.

In 2010, ConsuMed Research joined the Schlesinger Group and introduced consumer and B2B data collections services to their capabilities. Under Eric’s continued direction, and through its client-centric approach, ConsuMed Research fast became a leading provider of recruitment and project management services in France.
This has been an extremely effective and positive merge of dynamic and talented international teams. We have learned a great deal from each other. Our clients now benefit from the collaboration, resources, population access, partnerships and early adoption of innovative technologies that come with being part of Schlesinger Group.

For 2020 and beyond, we continue our journey as Schlesinger Group France and part of Schlesinger Europe and have expanded our services across quantitative and qualitative solutions both online and in-person. We collaborate with our international colleagues to meet your local and global research objectives.

We Take Your In-Person Qualitative Study Across the Globe


Connect With Us About Your Upcoming Research

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