Quality Policy

Schlesinger Group Marketing Research Spain, SL (DBA ‘Schlesinger Group Spain’) is a company operating as a market research agency. Schlesinger Group Spain offers services related to both qualitative and quantitative market research. The company is committed to observing the highest standards in quality and operational efficiency. In order to fulfill this goal, Schlesinger Group Spain has built a stable, multi-functional team of accomplished market research professionals from different countries. The company’s Quality Policy holds as its pillar a clear and transparent communication with stakeholders in order to offer a seamless project execution.

The current Quality Policy aims to establish a framework for the implementation of the company’s Quality Assurance system, with transparent quality goals and metrics. Henceforth, the company has adopted a set of commitments that serve as a foundation for its QA system, namely:

  • Close monitoring and follow-up of the services it provides to guarantee compliance with all requirements set by each client in each project
  • Transparency in order to gain our clients and suppliers trust
  • Sustained effort on our daily operations to increase our clients satisfaction level
  • Commitment to systematically analyze the relevant context and stakeholders to assess risks and opportunities.

In addition to that, the company ensures:

  • Compliance with all applicable regulations as well as any ethical codes Schlesinger Group Spain subscribes, in addition to the requirements of any quality norms that the company has adopted.
  • Continuous improvement on the efficacy of Schlesinger Group Spain’s Quality Assurance system to adapt it to relevant changes within the organization

Schlesinger Group Spain’s Management declares that this Quality Policy has been relayed to and has been understood by all its employees, who are aware of the importance of observing it at all times. Moreover, Schlesinger Group Spain’s Management reviews its Quality Policy on a regular basis to guarantee that it continues to be aligned with the Company’s goals.