Our Updated Group Statement Relating to Coronavirus

As COVID-19 continues to cause serious concern and interrupt businesses, including in-person marketing research, I would like to update you on our status at Schlesinger Group, how we are protecting people, and how we are enabling the continuation of your marketing research in the US, Europe and worldwide.

  • Our International leadership team continues to connect daily on this issue, assessing government guidelines and impact. While media thrives on fear, businesses do not, and so are staying thoughtful and calm, innovative and prepared, taking steps to address the needs and welfare of our clients, respondents, our team, and our business.
  • Our international teams, knowledgeable and experienced across online, qual and quant and hybrid, are on hand to help you overcome any research challenges.
  • We continue to implement Special Operating Procedures for our focus group facilities
  • We have triggered our business continuity plan, where appropriate, for our employees to work from home with full connectivity and data security, and they are supporting projects as usual.
  • We have updated our Company Statement here.

Status in USA & UK

We continue to recruit for and provide Schlesinger Group and Focus Pointe Global facilities for in-person work using additional screening protocols, and have excellent show-rates. Clients who are unable to travel are using streaming services to view the research. Clients have also been adjusting their research study methods to online qualitative solutions in the form of webcam interviews, chat room focus groups, bulletin board focus groups, online ethnographies, and mobile qual. We have also seen an increase in online surveys.
To discuss your current project or new project approach contact:
In the USA: Your Schlesinger Account Manager. Alternatively, Terri-Lyn Hawley
In the UK: Hanna Assouline

Status in Germany

Similarly, in Germany, we are recruiting for in-person work following new screening protocols, with excellent show-rates. With the exception of Hamburg, our facilities are open adhering to our special procedures. We are providing local moderators where needed and research is being streamed to clients for whom travel is not an option.
Clients have also been adjusting their study methods to online qualitative, online surveys and hybrid solutions.
To discuss your project or new project approach in Germany, contact Stephan Lange

Status in France & Spain

In France and Spain, our focus group facilities have closed temporarily. Online qualitative methods are replacing in-person studies and our clients are able to continue their research.
To discuss your current project or a new project contact:
In France: Thibaut Robin
In Spain: Rosa Dalet

Our Global Qualitative Solutions

We are assessing impacted areas daily and working closely with our partners in each country. Where in-person work is continuing, we are recruiting for in-person studies and have had good show-rates. Our partners must adhere to our special operating procedures. As always, clients who are unable to travel are using steaming services to view the research.

Our clients have also been switching their research study methods to online qualitative solutions with great success. Our team will guide you through international landscapes with special consideration for particular online qualitative methods. From project kick-off, one dedicated international project manager leads your study managing to any new Coronavirus impact with agility.
To discuss your current project or a new project contact: Nadine Casaletto

I want to assure you that my team and I retain an uncompromising commitment to the quality of our work and your success – both today and tomorrow. We have all overcome past challenges through strong partnership. Once again, at this unusual and challenging time, we will work with you if circumstances change to find the best solution.

Thank you for your trust in Schlesinger Group. If you have any concerns, please contact me directly.

Wishing you, your team and your family good health.

Steve Schlesinger, CEO

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