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Schlesinger Group COVID-19 Update

We are reopening our facilities in the US and Europe in line with government directive and with our Responsible In-Person Research plan implemented. The Schlesinger COVID-19 Taskforce meets daily to monitor in-person research outcomes to ensure we continue to conduct in-person research responsibly and effectively. We remain busy conducting online qual and quant studies and hybrid solutions.

Risk-Free In-Person Studies

Researchers are planning and conducting in-person research. We have developed a Risk-Free Solution (valid until August 31, 2020) to support you:

  1. If you book facility rooms now and have to cancel, we will waive the standard room cancellation fees.
  2. When providing you with a quote to execute an in-person project, we will safeguard the project by including a quote to execute the project online. We will have recruited respondents who are willing and able to participate in-person or online. If we are unable to execute the work in-person due to safety or other concerns, the work can proceed online so you can meet your research objectives.
  3. And, even if we need to postpone or cancel the online version of the project, we will waive those fees, provided recruitment has not started.
  4. If you are unable or prefer not to travel to our facilities to view your study, we can book FocusVision streaming on your behalf at a special Schlesinger Group flat rate of $750 per day. This generous discount on FocusVision’s standard rate is valid with Schlesinger facility hire up to August 31st.
  5. If your multi-market research is impacted by changing travel restrictions, subject to availability, you are welcome to stay on and work from our facility, as we switch your study to an online solution.  
  6. If you require local moderators, we can support this.
  7. Our teams will continue to work with you to help overcome project challenges. Together, we will find a solution.

Facility Opening Status

18 facilities are open. We monitor government directives daily and track the status on easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Schlesinger Group facility markets. We apply our own decision making around what is responsible, and each booking will be risk-assessed. See below the status of our facilities.

Atlanta May 18 Open with studies being conducted
Baltimore June 8 Confirmed
Boston June 1 Open with studies being conducted
Charlotte June 1 Open with bookings
Chicago June 8 Confirmed
Columbus May 18 Open with studies being conducted
Dallas May 18 Open with studies being conducted
Houston May 14 Open with studies being conducted
Kansas City June 1 Open with studies being conducted
Los Angeles Date not designated
Miami June 1 Open with bookings
Minneapolis May 18 Open with bookings
Nashville June 1 Open with bookings
New Jersey June 15 Scheduled
New York Date not designated
Orlando June 1 Open with studies being conducted
Philadelphia June 8 Scheduled
Phoenix May 18 Open with bookings
San Francisco Date not designated
St. Louis June 1 Open with bookings
London July 4 Scheduled
Barcelona June 15 Scheduled
Madrid June 15 Scheduled
Frankfurt April 27 Open with studies being conducted
Hamburg April 27 Open with studies being conducted
Berlin April 29 Open with studies being conducted
Munich May 11 Open with studies being conducted
Paris May 25 Open with bookings

Updated Precautions for In-Person Studies

Download our latest statement on our preparedness for in-person studies, including how we are managing in-person respondent screening and have elevated facility standards for the protection of staff and visitors.


Ordered for In-Person Research



Electrostatic Sanitizing Sprayers



Face Masks



Hand Sanitizers



Disinfectant Wipe Packs

We are Here to Help

Whether you need in-person or online research, we are here to help in the planning and execution of your important studies.

Please contact your Account Manager or Info@SchlesingerGroup.com.

Contact in the USA

Laura Livers, EVP, Qualitative Solutions
+1 (678) 298-9230

Contact in the UK

Hanna Assouline, Managing Director
+44 207 487 9189

Contact in Germany

Stephan Lange, Managing Director

Contact in Spain

Rosa Dalet, Managing Director
+34 934 155 228

Contact in France

Melanie Felix, Manager, ConsuMed Research
+ 33 (0) 1 70 64 83 56