Explore Best Practices for Designing Great Asynchronous Online Qualitative

Schlesinger Group offers a comprehensive suite of online qualitative research tools, including QualBoard® Online Discussions, QualMeeting® Video Interviews, QuantText™ Text-Based Chats, and Over the Shoulder® Smartphone Ethnographies.

As part of the solution, we deliver outstanding recruiting, project management, and just about anything else you need for qualitative research, all in one place.

Great asynchronous online qualitative isn’t just about having the right technology, people, and support. A key factor in the success of an online qualitative project is how you design the study and how you leverage the technology to get your participants to engage and share richly.

Who Should Attend?

Are you a qualitative researcher seeking to transfer your skills to the online qual space? Are you conducting asynchronous online qualitative and looking to sharpen your skills? The online qualitative team at 20|20 present a masterclass in asynchronous online qualitative research design that you won’t want to miss.

What Will You Learn?

Gain tips and tricks for great asynchronous online qualitative design from our qualitative product experts and walk away with best practices to apply to your next project for better outcomes.

Will You Attend?

Thursday, January 21 | 2 PM EST

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