We’re a GRIT Top 50 Innovative Company

Schlesinger Group is proud to be included in the 2020 GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, a strategic planning tool highlighting innovation in the insights industry.

The Business & Innovation Edition 2020, highlights innovation in the insights industry and publishes the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative companies. The report uses the attribute of ‘innovation’ as the key metric, surveying how market research suppliers and clients are seen to be leveraging innovation.

Schlesinger Group, including 20|20 Research, Market Cube, and our Over The Shoulder™ digital ethnography tool, ranked #25.


Leading-Edge Research Technology

Explore our innovative qualitative and quantitative research technology developed to help you answer your important business questions.

Leading-Edge Online Qual Tools – Now In-House

A unique suite of proprietary online qualitative platforms by 20|20 Research.

When it comes to online qualitative, the depth of your insights and the stories they reveal should have no limits. Our QualBoard®, QualMeeting®, and iModerate Chat and Over The Shoulder™ platforms set the standard for rich capabilities and ease of use.

Global Surveys Powered by Data Science and Automation

Market Cube’s Leading technology for consumer and B2B surveys.

Our new capabilities deliver high-quality data faster, with more intelligence, agility, diversity, and scope. A diverse portfolio of global panels enhances our data collection power in the consumer and B2B markets, processing over 14 million survey completes each year. Explore Online Surveys

The Wall by Schlesinger

A breakthrough solution to research engagement and collaboration challenges.

A dynamic multi-window interactive wall for both free-form or structured display of a variety of study stimuli. Clients behind the mirror enjoy a full view of the respondents’ interaction with the stimulus on The Wall. You have collected great data. Now what? Leverage a central repository of information and collaborative workspace from which insights can be actioned. Explore The Wall

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