Join Us at TMRE 2020

October 5-8, 2020

There is still time to register for  The Market Research Event 2020, which promises to engage us on all aspects of lessons learned, methodologies and what’s working and what’s not in today’s research environments. The agenda is packed with high-caliber speakers and their success stories.

Our Speakers

October 5 – 3:40pm EST

Ted Pulsifer, EVP, Enterprise Solutions at Schlesinger Group & Market Cube, chats with  Kevin Goetz, Founder & CEO at Screen Engine
We are seeing a tremendous volume of film and entertainment research come online. Kevin and Ted discuss how data collection is supporting the changes in pilot and film cycles, such as delayed releases and direct to on-demand. 

October 5 – 4:45pm EST

Isaac Rogers, CIO at 20|20 Research & Schlesinger Group
Isaac shares how researchers are thriving in a Covid world by adopting new digital approaches. Researchers aren’t just surviving but thriving with new digital and a range of hybrid approaches in our evolving environment. Isaac shares examples of how researchers are integrating online and hybrid solutions to keep their research on track.

Visit Our Virtual Booth

Stop by the Schlesinger Group virtual booth for some dialogue about trends in data collection, our latest qual and quant services, and to hear about how our acquisitions of Market Cube and 20|20 Research have propelled our online capabilities worldwide. Say ‘hello’ for the chance to win a portable projector.

Catch up with Schlesinger Leaders

Scott Baker, SVP, Client Solutions
Tim Sauer, SVP, Client Solutions
Amanda Karp, VP, Client Solutions
Kenny Thompson, Director, Client Solutions

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We are delighted to share our special 20% discount for you to attend. When registering, mention code TMRE20SCHLESINGER. 

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