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Local Language Platform Support for Online Qual Has Arrived in Europe

Schlesinger Group and 20|20 Research have enhanced our online qualitative services in Europe with local native language platform support.

When Schlesinger acquired 20|20 Research earlier this year, 20|20’s high-performing online qualitative tools immediately became a key feature in our suite of services in the US. The immediate goal was to expand our online qualitative solutions for research projects in Europe. 20|20 has collaborated with Schlesinger Europe to provide a local-language platform support team in Germany, Spain, France, and the UK. This initiative accommodates increased demand for online qualitative work during the pandemic and supports longer-term European research needs.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Nalpas, MD, Schlesinger Europe, said, “Our service is unique. Complementing our expert recruitment teams, our platform support teams are local native language speakers of German, French, Spanish, and English. Bilingual abilities also allow them to support an English-speaking moderator while also helping participants in the local language. The team has been handpicked from our research staff for their technical and interpersonal skills and trained by 20|20’s technical team. The bonus is they often know our clients, they understand the research process, and are versed in local and international marketing research codes of conduct and privacy.”

Isaac Rogers, of 20|20, and now Chief Innovation Officer at Schlesinger Group, added. “20|20’s best-in-class technology performs equally well for our markets in Europe. The missing ingredient for European researchers and participants had been local language support. Whether we are introducing platform features, conducting set-ups, tech checks, or troubleshooting, communication, and the user experience is paramount. When users gain access easily, feel comfortable, and engage with tools effectively, trust is built, the experience is heightened, and the most compelling insights are gained.”

The 20|20 Research supported software includes QualBoard®, QualMeeting®, iModerate®, and Over the Shoulder™.

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CEO, 2020 Research