Welcome to Schlesinger Hamburg

Comprehensive Data Collection Services

Welcome to Schlesinger Hamburg

RESEARCH POPULATION Hamburg, the second-largest city of Germany and one of the 16 states of Germany, is home to Europe’s second-largest port and is a hub for logistical, industrial, media, commercial, and financial corporations.  With a city center population of 1.8 million people and a metropolitan region with over 5 million people, Hamburg provides a diverse recruitment market for consumers, business people, and healthcare professionals alike.

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Stephan Lange
Managing Director

A Broad Range of Qualitative & Quantitative Research Solutions

A Broad Range of Qual & Quant Solutions

online surveys
focus groups
digital qualitative
clinical research
in person quant
product tests
research labs
jury research
custom panels

Enhance & Scale Your Data Collection


Streamline Your Transcription Process

We manage your data transcription directly from any Schlesinger facility or from audio files sent to us. Our transcribers will be ready to begin work immediately.

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eye tracking

Behavioral & Emotional Measurement

We offer a choice of unique and innovative marketing research technology labs to help qualitative researchers gain deeper insights and provide compelling data visualization.

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global research solutions

Comprehensive Global Research Solutions

Qual, quant, or hybrid, leave the management of your data collection to our experts and liaise with one dedicated and accountable point of contact committed to your success.

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Complete Language Services

Our bi-lingual teams support your project management.

We also provide specialist language services:

Translation of All Research Material
Simultaneous Interpretation
Transcript Translation
Report Translation
Translation of Report Summary


Your first choice for high-quality recruitment, project management and focus group facilities in Germany.


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