Meet The Research House Leaders and Join Them at 2020 Events

Our talented UK leadership team at The Research House are geared up to support your research studies through this busy last quarter.

Hanna Assouline – Managing Director
Hanna leads excellence across our broad range of qualitative and quantitative solutions. Hanna is fluent in English and French, allowing her to strengthen the bridge between our UK and French offices. Hanna oversees the UK operations with an emphasis on an exceptional research experience. Hanna oversees our GDPR and ISO compliance standards.

Frank Venner – Deputy Facility Director
Frank is celebrating 10 years at The Research House. He is a well-known by our clients, delivering consistently outstanding service in our facilities – with MRS Best Viewing Facility awards and Highly Commended awards under his belt. His knowledge of our facilities and technology in Wimbledon and Central London is unmatched and he has a natural talent for making clients feel right at home and anticipating their needs.

Sara Spicer – Operations Manager
Sara recently joined the UK team and has already enhanced our Project Management and Recruitment client experience. Sara joins us from Ipsos UK, and has over 20 years experience managing qualitative research studies with special focus on consumer research projects. Sara’s management experience of complex projects and international studies allows her to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Tom Sandey – Account Manager
As part of our Client Solutions team. Tom has a natural talent for supporting both immediate and long-term research solutions, developing strong client partnerships. Tom joined us from Criteria, where he acquired strong project management and bidding experience, Our clients greatly appreciate his feasibility consulting and communication skills.

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Hanna Assouline
Managing Director, The Research House

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