New at The Research House

Take a 360° Tour of Our Central London Facility
Step inside and explore our five outstanding Wigmore Street studios, floor by floor.

New Mouth-Watering Menus 
In-house Chef Carolina has created menus to suit your tastes and your schedules.  Pre-Order from our latest Tastes of the World International menu or be impulsive with our On-the Day Menu.

FV360 LIVE – Immersive Video Streaming
FocusVision’s 360° camera places remote and onsite research observers in the center of the conversation – just like being in the room – where expressions, emotions and non-verbal cues can be clearly witnessed. Observers actively collaborate in real time using embedded chat, video markers and file sharing.

HD Video Recording 
High definition is the new standard in video recordings.  Enhanced color, sharper images and more clarity in facial expression are immediately noticeable for more compelling video data. Our HD filming is at 1080i, allowing for download time to remain reasonable.

Children’s Studio in Wimbledon 
Our dedicated children’s research space is a safe, relaxed and welcoming environment for both children and their accompanying parents or guardians. Features include baby changing and bottle warming facilities, child menus and snacks, and ice-breaker games.

Catch Up with Laura Haxton-Wilde
MD, The Research House at:
EphMRA Annual Conference
20-22 June

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