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We are delighted to announce that 20|20 Research is now Schlesinger Group.

Since Schlesinger Group acquired 20|20 last year, we have been integrating our teams, process, and capabilities to deliver one seamless Schlesinger brand experience. Together, we are developing smarter, faster, and easier solutions for your digital qualitative research. Whether you need online discussions, virtual focus groups or IDIs, mobile ethnographies, or a hybrid solution, the same high-performing platforms and tools available with 20|20 are now available with Schlesinger Group.

As a combined organization, we are the world’s most comprehensive data and research services provider, delivering a broad range of online and in-person qualitative and quantitative solutions that help you gain deeper audience understanding and make bolder decisions.

We have retained and grown our talented team of software engineers and UX experts, along with our client solutions and project management teams, and we continue to leverage our enhanced global capabilities for end-to-end solutions you can trust.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Unparalleled global respondent access
  • Technology that defies distance
  • A seamless client experience created by an expert solution-oriented team
  • Delivery at the speed of the market
  • Any research method anytime, anywhere

All with an uncompromising commitment to your success.

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Isaac Rogers