California Senate Bill

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California Senate Bill
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Are you aware of the California Senate bill? The California State Assembly is currently considering a bill that would prohibit California-based healthcare providers from receiving honoraria for marketing research.

At  Schlesinger, we are working with Insights Association, PMRG, and other interested parties in seeking to have Market Research carved out or exempted from this proposed law.

Our industry associations, supported by engaged industry members, have a history of collaborating for successful lobbying, as demonstrated in 2009 in Massachusetts and in 2010 in Minnesota and, of course, when PMRG, joined by CASRO and MRA, secured an advance amendment to the Sunshine Act.  Once again, you can support the industry effort:

Contact your State Assembly Member

If you are located in California or sponsor or conduct marketing research in California, we encourage you to help protect the future of our shared industry in California and potentially, in the longer term, nationwide.  Please write to the State Assemblymember in your district, impressing the importance of protecting the right to conduct legitimate healthcare marketing research in the State of California.

State Assembly members can be found at

We will keep our clients posted on progress. For the time being, this bill remains in the proposal phase which means that for all healthcare research in California, it is business as usual.

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