Celebrating 50 Years

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Schlesinger Celebrates 50 Years

This year, at Schlesinger we are proud to be celebrating 50 years of Loving What We Do.

During this half century, we have been dedicated to making a positive impact on the clients we serve, the people in our team, the industry with which we grow, and the communities and environments in which we live.

We want to thank our clients, employees, partners and research participants sincerely for the trust you have placed in Schlesinger Associates and our companies that has allowed us to continue to serve this industry today.

While our founder, Sarah Schlesinger would be astounded by our speed of change and growth, our business approach and core values have been a constant. We remain passionate about continually improving the quality of data collection and the research experience of our respondents and of the clients with whom we partner.

As we begin our journey with you into the next 50 years, please know that our door is always open, our minds are focused to your needs and our hearts remain uncompromisingly committed to your success.