Introducing Crowd Survey on QualBoard

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Do you need both the scale of a survey and the immediacy of real-time, digital insights?

QualBoard’s new event, Crowd Survey, can help.

Designed to deliver qualitative insights at scale, this live, one-to-many approach joins Group Discussions, Individual Diaries, Videos Chats, and Quick Polls as research events available within the QualBoard platform, giving you greater flexibility with just a single tool.

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How it Works

Save Time
Launch a live, interactive conversation with dozens or hundreds of your consumers in minutes.

Pick Up on Trends
View your aggregated results in real-time with live graphs and charts – allowing you to pick up on trends as they’re happening.

Deliver Flexibility
Create a flexible design with access to a wide variety of question types to field to your live, target audience.

Collaborate with Your Clients
Allow your stakeholders to join in and see the feedback from your crowd as the results unfold.

Whether you need quick feedback on a developing idea or concept or want immediate reactions to a live event, Crowd Survey helps you deliver your insights on time and with confidence.

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