Schlesinger Group Acquires Baltimore Research

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We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Baltimore Research, a full-service data collection firm in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ted Donnelly and Heather Ashley Collins, leading the Baltimore team have both been appointed Vice President, Client Solutions.

Baltimore Research features five unique research spaces and provides access to an experienced team with deep industry experience and creative project management and recruitment capabilities.

Commenting on the news, Steve Schlesinger, CEO, of Schlesinger Group, said, “The synergy between our companies, in terms of a client-centric approach, high-quality research services, and shared core values and culture, was a fundamental driver in this decision. Baltimore Research is an exceptional team that provides access to this important US market and supports our track record in delivering industry-leading solutions.”

Ted Donnelly also commented, “We are delighted to be joining our long-term partner and one of the leading research services companies in the world. Our clients will be able to benefit from the combined power of the Baltimore Research team, as well as Schlesinger Group’s extended qualitative and quantitative data collection reach, resources, and world-class facilities.”

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Steve Schlesinger, CEO, Schlesinger Group

Ted Donnelly, PhD., VP Client Solutions, Schlesinger Group