Schlesinger Group Launches Crowd Survey

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We are excited to announce the launch of Crowd Survey, a seamless solution for delivering large-scale insights in real-time.

Crowd Survey joins Group Discussions, Diaries, Videos Chats, and Quick Polls as an event available within QualBoard, Schlesinger’s enterprise research platform.

Crowd Survey is ideal for when you need a quick, quantitatively scaled engagement. With Crowd Survey, you can launch an interactive conversation with hundreds of consumers and view the aggregated results in real-time. This straightforward approach can be used alone or in combination with QualBoard’s other event types – so you can address multiple research objectives all within one platform.

“We’ve seen increased demand for research that blends the benefits of digital platforms with the “real-time” experience for the respondents and clients,” commented Isaac Rogers, CIO of Schlesinger Group. “By working with our clients, we’ve developed Crowd Survey to fill this need; you can run a real-time research engagement using a variety of question types asked of dozens or hundreds of respondents simultaneously, while at the same time allowing your client stakeholders to join in and see the feedback from your crowd.”