High-Performing Online Qual for Q4 Research Success

As the busy end-of-year research rush is in full swing, Schlesinger Group is pleased to offer a suite of tools for online research. With this flexible group of solutions, our team and technology help you deliver impactful insights for your clients, on your timeline. Below are just a few of the options that will help you finish the year strong.


A digital engagement platform for online discussions and more, QualBoard gives you the ability to design and connect projects so you can build upon learnings. With QualBoard’s multiple event types and time-saving automation, you have the flexibility to meet your last-minute needs.


Used for individual and group interviews, QualMeeting can easily mirror face-to-face designs, giving you real-time interaction with your respondents. Plus our proprietary video portal allows you to streamline your analysis with searchable transcripts and built-in clipping.

Over The Shoulder®

A smartphone tool for digital ethnographies, diaries, and more, Over The Shoulder gives you an authentic look directly into the homes and experiences of the consumer without interrupting their natural environment. It’s a flexible and convenient way to gather in-the-moment insights.


With its 1-1 text-based environment, QuantText empowers the respondent to share what they otherwise wouldn’t. With this approach, you can easily add chats to an existing quantitative survey to bring qualitative context to your data.

Regardless of the platform you choose, Schlesinger Group can also provide quality recruiting, experienced project management support, and just about anything else you need to ensure your project’s success.

While it’s true you can’t buy more time during this busy season, with our online qualitative solutions you can still deliver high-quality insights for your clients.

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