Online Communities

Tap into your target audience for quick-turn or longitudinal results to support a variety of needs and objectives. Our technology delivers a constant digital connection to the respondents that matter most, enabling you to gather ongoing insights with ease.


Tap into Your Engaged Qualitative Community Anytime


Our proprietary QualBoard® technology underpins our community solution and connects seamlessly to our panel. That means there’s no need to wait weeks to launch a research project or get results. You’ll have the respondents and tools you need at your fingertips.


Your community gives you access to an array of event types, including quick polls, individual journals, online discussions, and video chats. It’s all within a single platform, making it easy to build your learnings and keep your participants engaged. Not ready to invest in a full community? Start small and we can grow your community as your research needs grow.


Our proprietary suite of research automation and predictive analytics tools makes it easier than ever to engage and manage your custom qualitative community. Our platform uses cutting-edge AI and analytics to ease some of the burden often associated with community management.

Comprehensive Community Support

Schlesinger Digital Qualitative has everything you need to make your community engagement seamless and impactful


Expert community member sourcing for on-target and engaged respondents.


A high-performing proprietary community platform to help you design and execute a variety of research activities.


A dedicated team to support the process and ensure you get the most compelling insights.

And, should your business needs require quantitative validation, or in-person qualitative facilitation, our Enterprise services are available to support your project end-to-end.

Have a project in mind?