Over The Shoulder®

The Over The Shoulder® mobile ethnography platform puts you in the pockets and purses of consumers across the globe. Gather rich insights, from mobile video diaries to real-world product testing.


Gather In-the-Moment and In-the-Emotion Insights

Ease of use

Designed specifically for the smartphone, the platform provides a streamlined respondent experience that delivers better insight.

Peace of mind

Comprehensive support from our experienced team makes it easy for you to execute best-in-class projects, every time.

Flexibility of design

Over The Shoulder® provides unmatched flexibility to ask the right question of the right participant at the right time, giving you more immersive data.

Intuitive analysis

Jumpstart your reporting with built-in analytics tools to efficiently manage your data and hone in on key insights.

Expertise to Support Your Success

Over The Shoulder® was designed by qualitative researchers, for qualitative researchers. With our intuitive mobile ethnography platform, you’re never more than two taps from in-context insights. Our experienced team works with you and shares their mobile qualitative expertise to ensure your project is a resounding success.

over the shoulder

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