Quantitative Insight Communities

Understand your customer or key stakeholder groups holistically through Quantitative Insight Communities. Qualitative, quantitative, and advanced research methodologies deliver unparalleled insights in a single cost-effective platform.


Your One-Stop Shop for Global Quantitative Insight Communities

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Enjoy hassle-free insights! We’ll manage and build your Quantitative Insight Community from our global sample solutions, leveraging our expertise in research and programming.

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Full Solution

Easily add any of Schlesinger Group’s digital qualitative solutions to your Quantitative Insight Community for deeper consumer insights when you need them.


Leading Insight
Communities Platform

Simplify how you access your Quantitative Insight Community with the powerful and cost-efficient platform developed by our partner.


Actionable Consumer Insights

Experience the benefits of Schlesinger Group Quantitative Insight Communities first-hand:

  • Improve your data quality with highly engaged and responsive participants.
  • Better understand customer behaviors over longer periods of time.
  • Deliver products and campaigns that best meet customer needs.

Build stronger consumer relationships. Launch your Quantitative Insight Community with Schlesinger Group.

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