Protect Yourself from Fraudsters

Beware of Fraudsters

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people who would like to extract money from you by pretending to be Schlesinger Group or They may copy our branding and contact unsuspecting people by letter, email or social media.

Please be alert to the possibility of fraud.

We will NEVER ask you to wire money anywhere or to send cash

We will NEVER send you a payment in advance of undertaking research

We will NEVER ask you to pay a fee to be a researcher or mystery shopper

We will NEVER promise you can make a large amount of money through a job as a mystery shopper

If an offer of participating in research looks too good to be true, it probably is.

If you wish to check the legitimacy of a study invitation, contact

Here is an example of a scam that used our name and logo. If you have received something similar, it is not valid.

Report a Scam to the US Federal Trade Commission