Schlesinger Atlanta Executive Conference Room

We Are Reopening Our Facilities Gradually

We hope this communication finds you and your family safe and well. We continue to be busy conducting online qual and online quant research with our clients, and we are now reopening our facilities gradually. We remain grateful for your partnership, flexibility, and consultation.

Facilities Open Now

US: Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis, Phoenix
GERMANY: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg
FRANCE: Paris (Bookings from May 25)

Facilities Scheduled to Open Early June

US: Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Kansas City, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, St. Louis

We Are Already Seeing Project Success

We are taking an incremental approach. In Germany, we have successfully supported in-depth interviews and usability testing over 5 days. The show rates were excellent, and the clients and respondents were relaxed and confident. We have IDI, triads, and mini-groups booked in the US and, where we have super-size rooms, groups of 4-8 are also possible.

Visit our COVID-19 web page for our daily updates on the status of facility opening dates as governments release directives for each market In the USA and Europe, and as we apply our own assessments of preparedness and responsible opening.

Risk-Free Planning For In-Person Studies until Aug 31

Our clients have been taking advantage of our Risk-Free Solution, and we are seeing bookings for in-person research in June and July. We have been consulting on feasibility on a project-by-project basis for safe and effective outcomes.

Updated Precautions for Responsible In-Person Studies

The Schlesinger COVID-19 Task Force meets daily. Having completed our planning, our implementation process includes ‘walk-through’ testing to fine-tune our precautions, which remain under continuous review and adjustment.

It’s About Research That Works

We are taking a holistic approach to success. While assurance of on-site safety is paramount, our clients still need to know their in-person research will yield compelling research results.

  • We have been polling respondents to understand their comfort around in-person research.
  • We have increased our recruiting resources for each project in the knowledge that participants will screen out at a higher rate due to our stricter processes. (Fortunately, our recruiter work-from-home model is robust, and our panels and recruiting power has increased substantially with the addition of Focus Pointe Global, 20|20 Research, and Market Cube).
  • Our Recruiting and Facility teams are undergoing a strict and holistic training program. This includes passing our test before they can recruit for or support in-person studies.
  • Hybrids solutions allow our clients to connect with hard-to-reach types and those who may be more at risk during COVID-19.

We are here to help in the planning and execution of your important studies.
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