5 Objectives Addressed with Mobile Qualitative Insights

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Insightful moments happen at unpredictable times and in unexpected places.

With the high usage of smartphones, it’s no wonder mobile qualitative research methods have become increasingly valuable to capture in-the-emotion, in-the-moment insights.

In fact, Statista found that in 2021 almost 50% of US smartphone users spent between five and six hours on their phones each day. We designed and built our mobile ethnographies platform, Over The Shoulder, so that you can have unprecedented access to your target audience as insightful moments occur.

Here are five common objectives that align well with this approach.

Have a consumer segment you want to truly understand and empathize with? Mobile qualitative research enables you to see where they live, work, and play.

Mobile Journals and Diaries
Whether it’s “joy and pain” journaling or activity diaries, a mobile qualitative approach allows you to help you conduct seamless journal studies.

Tag along with the consumer and see what categories and brands intersect with their life.

Product Usage
Mobile qualitative research methods make it easy to capture usage occasions, giving you an authentic window into when, where, and how a product is being used.

Path to Purchase
Join the customers for the different steps and stages of their buying journey.

While these are some of the most common objectives, a mobile ethnographic approach like Over The Shoulder can address a variety of needs.

For more details on how to take advantage of mobile qualitative research methods to be in the moment with your consumer, download our guide Designing Mobile Qualitative to Achieve Better Insights or reach out to connect with a mobile qualitative expert.