A Recipe for Your Custom Survey Sundae

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Running quantitative agile research projects on Methodify is a bit like making an ice cream sundae. Don’t believe us?

Here’s your recipe:

1. Ice Cream = Method Template 

Your ice cream flavor is the foundation of your sundae, and your method template is the foundation of your project. If you’re a researcher, you can churn your own flavor or build your own method. You can also choose to pull one off the shelf that suits your needs. If you’re a marketer, product manager, UX designer, or other non-researcher, you don’t really need to know how the ice cream (or method template) was made to enjoy it. You choose your flavor and away you go.
2. Toppings = Dynamic Piping and Additional Answer Options

Once you’ve got your base, it’s time to make this sundae a little more custom. Feeling like chocolate chips and gummy bears? Toss them in! When it comes to your research project, the chocolate chips might be different product or brand names anyone can easily add using the dynamic piping feature. Your gummy bears might be additional attributes you’d like on a grid question, adding options that suit this particular project. Either way, you’ll get the custom add-ins you want without compromising the integrity of the ice cream – er, method template.

3. Sauces = Stimuli


Hot fudge or caramel drizzle? Layering a sweet sauce on top of your ice cream sundae is like adding the stimuli you want to test. . Neither sauces nor stimuli change what’s underneath them, but they do enhance your whole experience!

4. Spoons = Sample

Deciding how many spoons you need for your sundae is a lot like deciding your sample for your research project. How many people do you want to invite, and who will they be? They don’t get to decide what’s on the sundae, but they do get to tell you if they enjoyed it. If a lot of people get spoons, you may spend a little more.

5. Bowl = Quality Checks


The bowl holds your sundae together and prevents it from becoming an unsightly mess, and so do the quality checks run on every Methodify project. A real person makes sure everything is looking good before your project goes live, so you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The bowl might not be tasty, but it’s sure helpful!

Who knew market research could be such a treat? On top of all the tasty features and helpful capabilities, Methodify lets you decide who comes into the kitchen and what they get to do. As an insight professional, you might be the head chef, but you can invite in marketers to add toppings and sauces or let product managers have a say in how many spoons are handed out. You get to share the fun without losing control.

What are you waiting for? Concoct your own custom survey sundae today with a demo from our team!