Five Steps to Implement Agile Research

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The term “agile” is everywhere these days – agile teams, agile development, agile marketing, and yes, agile research.

Everyone talks about agility and why your business needs to be more agile, so you probably already understand that adopting agile development processes helps teams achieve better results by delivering outcomes to their customers iteratively based on consumer feedback.

This is where “agile research” and research technology come into play.

ResTech changed who participates in research and what problems that research solves. Tech-enabled market research products, tools, and solutions disrupt the old way of conducting research, said Executive Vice President of Platforms Steve Mast.

Mast explains more brands leverage market research now than ever before because it provides the continuous stream of consumer feedback necessary to fuel competitive, iterative development processes and drive greater marketing and advertising success in fast-moving markets.

“Brands are moving to more agile processes, more agile business models, and they really need to have the customer at the center of that new construct,” Mast said.

Integrating your customer into your development process sounds complicated, which can cause your teams to delay implementation or avoid making changes because they fear a prolonged development process.

Integrating customer feedback into your product or creative development process makes it more efficient because each iteration more accurately addresses customer needs and expectations.

We’ve helped so many clients integrate consumer feedback into their processes to deliver products and assets that truly delight their customers.

We took that experience and broke it down into five easy-to-digest steps. Each step can take a week, a month, or a year – there’s no timeline. True agilists know done is better than perfect. Just get started, and your team will get better with each increment.

Your research process can be agile, and your organization will benefit greatly from it. Let us show you how to get started.

In this article series, you’ll find: 

  1. How to Conduct an Agile Readiness Assessment 
  2. How to Get Leadership Buy-in for Agile Research 
  3. Investing in Agile Research Technology 
  4. How to Shift Your Culture Toward Agile Research 
  5. How to Monitor & Optimize Agile Research