Maximize Consumer Insights with Multi-Method Research

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Digital and mobile qualitative research allow us to gain rich insights from the comfort of our own home but sometimes your objectives benefit when you mix and match methods to deliver deeper insights.  

Though we have four leading digital qualitative platforms for you to choose from, when you work with Schlesinger Group, you also enjoy access to state-of-the-art facilities, advanced quantitative programmatic solutions, and in-house qualitative and quantitative recruiting. We make it easy to combine methods to deliver the complete consumer perspective for your clients.  

Plus, you can rest easy with a dedicated project management team to help you design and implement your multi-method research and maximize your insights. 

Here are a few simple ways you can deliver the complete consumer perspective with a multi-method approach. 


Gain an Edge with Your Digital Qualitative Research

Created to deliver flexibility and agility, our QualBoard platform allows you to design your research to meet your client objective and budget. 

This iterative approach allows you to mix and match digital qualitative approaches – giving you the ability to conduct online discussions and diaries, as well as real-time video chats and conversations all within one tool.  

Elevate Your Quantitative Insights 

From live, text-based chats to asynchronous discussions or in-the-moment diaries, our digital qualitative approaches easily integrate into your quantitative research.   

A hybrid approach adds dimension to your quantitative studies, so you deliver human depth and empathy alongside your existing quantitative precision. 

Moderate In-Facility Research, Wherever You Work 

Our Moderate Anywhere™ solution allows you to host your in-person research from the comfort of your own home or office.   

Our two-way video qualitative solution delivers the insights you expect from in-person research with access to in-facility IDIs and mini-groups. Our teams customize your facility rooms to your preferences to match your research needs. 

Get to Know Your Respondents Before Your In-Person Research  

Whether you have a homework assignment or simply want to learn more about your target audience, using an asynchronous digital qualitative approach gives you the ability to collect valuable insights before your in-person research.  

Want to start mixing and matching your research? Feel free to reach out to connect with our team. 

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