QualBoard 4.0 Insights Platform

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Use Cases to Gain an Edge with Your Digital Qualitative Research

“Can I have pricing for a three-day online discussion?”

This is a request that comes across our desks at least ten times a day, but as more and more clients want out-of-the-box solutions, it is important to know all you can do with the tools you have at hand. That’s why we are excited to have 20|20 Research’s QualBoard 4.0 approach as part of the Schlesinger Group’s suite of solutions for digital qualitative. It was created to give you flexibility and agility, so you can design your research to meet almost any client objective and budget.

Here are a few simple ways that you can gain an edge with your next QualBoard 4.0 project without breaking the bank.

In-the-Moment Diary
Add a short diary before or after your standard three-day discussion to capture more authentic in-the-moment insights.

Rockstar Video Chats
After your discussion, invite a few “Rock-Stars” to one-on-one video chats for deeper insights and more compelling deliverables.

Quick Poll Perspective
Start and end your research with a quick poll to gain a before and after the research perspective from your respondents.

Want to learn more about our out-of-the-box QualBoard solutions? We’ve compiled a list of all the features and enhancements we’ve released with the platform.