Top 10 Use Cases for Self-Serve Quantitative Research

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You’re not alone if you find yourself wondering when to leverage self-serve research – it’s increasing in popularity, but there’s a learning curve. Our clients turn to us for guidance and, with the help of our automated quantitative research engine Methodify, found great success with self-serve quantitative research.

Deliver Content that Resonates 

An international consulting company regularly created marketing content without confidence in its audience’s interests. The marketing team used  Methodify’s self-serve research tools to better understand hot topics and trends with their target audience in real-time. They use these insights to create their content, ensuring their efforts resonate with readers and increase engagement.

Optimize Marketing Materials 

A large grocery chain optimized its weekly flyers to engage customers. The marketing team utilized Methodify to test graphic design layouts as well as offer types to see which performed best with consumers before finalizing the assets. This testing improves ROI in these flyers, as it provides more certainty in the performance of each flyer before it goes to print.

Guide Campaign Development

A financial institution used a combination of Methodify’s Survey Builder tool and a repeatable method to guide campaign development for one of its flagship credit cards. The research helped to confirm the brand‘s impact on recall and aided the team in selecting creative options.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

A home improvement retailer did advertising tests to gauge the effectiveness of its and competitors’ ads through a full-service market research firm. The Methodify team helped the company build a custom, repeatable method that allows its team to do 10 tests for the same price it used to pay for just one with the full-service firm. The method also saves time as its team can launch a study and get results in just two days versus the two weeks it previously took.

Address Changing Needs

An international fast-food chain wanted to understand how to pivot to serve its customers best and maintain the health and safety of its employees when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The company used Methodify to create a weekly COVID-19 tracker to monitor changes in attitude, behavior, sentiment, and spending over time. As a result, the company effectively managed this situation by implementing the highly desired safety precautions its customers wanted while collecting, addressing, and easing the concerns of its employees during the pandemic.

Test Marketing Statements

A creative ad agency looked for ways to quickly test the veracity of statements or claims it wanted to use in campaigns. The team turned to Methodify’s self-serve research tools to send out surveys whenever it needed to test a statement and got results in hours instead of weeks. This research approach allowed the team to keep its creative process moving quickly while providing sound options to its clients.

Develop Better Offers

A leading fast-food chain wanted its offers and products to perform better with its target audiences. It turned to Methodify’s Monadic Concept Test to test limited-time offers and product concepts. The team got results quickly and could execute based on these reliable results.

Customize Brand Positioning

One of the world’s leading global public relations firms regularly needs to develop brand positioning statements for clients and brands. Its team needed to test all of these with real consumers and considerers to determine the best fit for each client. To achieve this, it utilized a series of Survey Builders on Methodify. This tool provided the flexibility to gather data for the array of clients and provide optimized, individual options.

Understand Target Audiences

A financial services company sought to better understand consumer acceptance of its communications, especially among traditionally marginalized segments of the population. Its insights team turned to Methodify to run repeatable ad tests among the general population and with these target audiences, which are typically hard to reach. Regularly implementing these tests allowed the company to proactively refine its ads before launch to more optimally represent these key groups – an essential need its traditional ad testing protocols were unable to meet.

Improve Ad Performance

A large creative agency sought to gain feedback on a series of ads for a pharmaceutical client. It utilized Methodify’s self-serve Concept Test to gain actionable feedback from real people on the team’s concepts. This solution helped the agency to improve its creative development process and provide the best possible option for the end client.

As you can see, self-serve research enables organizations of all kinds to make better decisions faster, based on consumer feedback. This list only scratches the surface of what’s possible with an automated quantitative research engine like Methodify. Book a demo with our team to uncover what your company’s first use case could be.