Top 5 Reasons to Build a Brand Community

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To survive in the fast-paced world of business today, organizations need to know not just who their customers are, but what they think, want, need, and do in their daily lives. Every release must represent an insightful, close-knit relationship with a brand’s customer base.

A brand community is one of the most effective ways to build that relationship and garner business-critical customer information.

What is a brand community?

This group of individuals, who generally have a pre-existing relationship with the brand, agrees to regularly participate in an organization’s research efforts. Most companies reward them with prizes, cash, or some other incentive for their participation.

Why Every Brand Needs a Brand Community

1. Deepen Customer Relationships
Brand communities provide an opportunity to get to know customers over time. As a brand community typically runs for at least a year, members respond to multiple research tasks at different points in their lives. Brands watch the attitudes and behaviours of their customers evolve and gain a rich understanding of their lives. 
In addition, a successful brand community provides thoughtful and engaging research experiences for its members. This drives loyalty and a sense of investment in the brand on the part of the consumer, creating a win-win relationship for both parties.

2. Gain Iterative Insights
A brand community makes it easy to gather insights on any project repeatedly. From ad concepts to new products, brands with insights communities easily leverage feedback throughout the development process to identify and make improvements quickly. This leads to more successful outputs and happier customers.

3. Improve Data Quality
Highly engaged participants, such as those in brand communities, provide more thoughtful responses to research questions. They are less likely to rush through a survey and more likely to provide comprehensive answers to open-end questions. It also less likely a brand community contains fraudulent members. These factors make the data collected more reliable and therefore more useful to the brand.

4. Larger-Scale Research
Brand communities usually have between 2,500 and 50,000 members. Such a vast pool of respondents makes it possible to carry out large-scale research projects in a cost-effective and time-conscious manner. Simply create the research project and launch with thousands of engaged members ready and willing to participate.

5. Owned First-Party Data
As the world shifts away from third-party data, a reliable source of proprietary first-party data is essential for every brand. Invite-only and double opt-in brand communities ensure transparency and consent in data collection.Members can rest assured that they understand how their data is being used, and brands aren’t reliant on outside actors for vital consumer insights.

In short, brand communities make it easy to collect quality consumer feedback when you need it, while providing a positive experience for customers. They create a competitive advantage for any business by providing high-quality, first-party data and supporting cost-effective, long-term, and large-scale research projects. Moreover, insight communities build trust with your customers and ensure each release is more delightful than the last.

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