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Neuro Results to Biden’s Address

See Voters Neuro-Reactions to Biden’s Joint Session Address We were delighted to sponsor the facility and recruitment for the latest Neuro Political Study. By partnering with IVP Research Labs, HCD Research, and Shimmer, we successfully gauged voter response to President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress. Our Philadelphia team hosted two in-person […]

Effects of COVID-19 Lockdown

Schlesinger Group in Spain collaborated with Open Evidence and researchers of various universities, to better understand the effects of Covid-19 and lockdown on populations in Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Child Nutritional Supplement Trial

Schlesinger Group partnered with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine to facilitate a research study to determine how 5 to 12 month old infants would tolerate a nutritional supplement that introduced a proprietary blend of proteins from common allergenic foods into their diet. Participants kept an online diary and completed an online questionnaire at the end of both 28-day usage periods.

The Swing Voter Project: Edina, MN Update

Swing voters in Edina, MN took part in a swing voter focus group on March 9, 2020, as part of Focus Pointe Global and Engagious’ swing voter series, where they facilitate twenty-one focus groups in key battleground counties across the USA.