Schedule Your QualBoard® Training

An enterprise insights platform created to capture rich, agile insights, QualBoard supports everything from simple DIY discussions to complex global projects.

To ensure your project is a success, our team offers customized QualBoard training and demos, whether you need an introduction to the platform, a refresher on key features, or anything in between. Simply choose from the sessions listed below. You can sign up as many times as you’d like, and you’ll have the option to invite your colleagues to take part as well. We can even record the session at your request, so you’ll have it to refer back to. 

Explore QualBoard®


In this session, our team will share an overview of QualBoard, highlighting key capabilities and benefits of the solution. From design to analysis, we’ll explore how this approach can be used for your research, as well as how you can take advantage of the platform’s features to boost respondent engagement and save time.

Learn How to Use QualBoard®


This one-on-one training session will show you and your moderating team how to navigate the platform for every step of your project – from set up to moderating and analysis. You’ll leave the training with an overall understanding of the platform and its capabilities so you can start your project with confidence.


This session is designed to introduce QualBoard to the project’s observers, providing a high-level overview so they comfortably navigate the platform and share notes with each other and the moderator.


Recently launched a project and need a refresher on how to best engage respondents, manage observer feedback, and understand your data while in field? In this one-on-one training, our team will join you in the project and walk-through tips and tricks for probing participants, tagging insightful responses, and more.


This session is ideal for moderators whose projects have recently ended. In this one-on-one training, our team will join you in the project and walk-through best practices for managing your data – from exporting charts and filtering reports to utilizing the insights workbench.


If you are considering video chats for your project, then this is the session for you. During this overview, our team will guide you through the platform and key features of the video chat event, including posing as a participant while they walk you through the process of starting and managing a video chat.