Digital Qualitative Research for Customer Experience & User Experience

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See for yourself if the research flexibility of digital qualitative methods is right for your business needs. In this GreenBook webinar with our CIO Isaac Rogers, he answers questions about how you can leverage digital qualitative research to address your study objectives efficiently and with high engagement from the right kind of respondents. This webinar includes a helpful case study of an iterative website redesign that included a surprising find about pricing pages.

Participant experience is a misunderstood driver of outcomes in research. Curious about what PX looks like using digital qualitative research? Rogers takes you behind the scenes to see what high-quality participant experiences look like in the digital era.

What You’ll Learn About Digital Qualitative Research & Participant Experience

  • Basics:
    • How digital methods allow researchers to design highly iterative projects
    • How digital research platforms allow you to engage respondents in a process of dynamic exploration
    • What it looks like to have fewer “highly structured” discussion guides
  • Case Study: The phone company that rolled out an iterative website UX redesign to cut down the time it took to update its web properties from 18 months to just a year using real-time group feedback and agile development sprints.
  • Participant Experience Problems & Best Practices:
    • Confusion and lack of clarity – a key refrain from research respondents
    • Breakthrough insights often come from well informed, highly engaged respondents who clearly know what is being asked of them
    • Collaboration with consumers should be more than “please fill in the blank”
    • PX starts during recruiting but lasts throughout the course of the research

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