We are Thrilled to Announce that We are Re-branding

You may have already noticed that things are looking a little different here at Schlesinger. Over these last months, we’ve poured our hearts and souls into a re-brand for a result that is fresh, modern, and professional. We are delighted with our new identity and hope that you will be too.

Over the last 50 years, we’ve been on an incredible journey.  Sarah Schlesinger began her career in marketing research as ‘Employee Number One’ from her living room in New Jersey and since then, we have seen international expansion into services and markets beyond anything our founder first imagined.  All the while, our experience, our expertise and results have led us to become a trusted leader in connecting answers to important research questions that allow brands to succeed in the marketplace.

This is a natural evolution of our brand which embodies our core values, our commitment to support client research objectives, to strengthen the future of marketing research, and to deliver outstanding research services.

What has Changed?

We Say Hello to ‘Schlesinger Group’

While Schlesinger Associates has served us well for over 50 years, we feel that Schlesinger Group better reflects who we are today – a world-class group of Schlesinger companies, expert in their local markets, working as ONE TEAM to deliver an unparalleled research experience.

Today, we are organized into two broad qualitative and quantitative divisions offerings solutions online, on mobile and in-person, through an international team of over 700 talented people working across key markets the US and in Europe and providing global reach. Our Schlesinger companies in Europe (UK, France, Germany and Spain) have kept their valued local names and adopted our new logo icon. Each company within our Group, while retaining its local heritage, benefits from shared goals, experiences, knowledge and practices, reflected in a single brand image.

SG Logo
Schlesinger Quantitative Logo

‘Schlesinger Interactive’ is becoming ‘Schlesinger Quantitative’

We believe that Schlesinger Quantitative more clearly and simply describes the services we offer both online and in field. Since 2011, our quantitative team has added expertise and grown to be a quality leader in panel, sample and survey delivery both nationally and worldwide. Our field services have also continued to grow to support customer demand for traditional in-person studies leveraging new technologies for more engagement and faster results.

We Have a New Logo

We wanted a fresh, dynamic, friendly and confident look as the primary element of our identity. Our new logo is an abstract design representing the ‘S’ in Schlesinger and, through tiered ‘ribbons’, also conveying our multifaceted qualitative and quantitative solutions. The curved ‘ribbons’ also represent a supportive and welcoming company culture. We have, of course, retained the color green which our clients have come to associate with our company and with our personality embracing freshness, energy, the environment, harmony, and growth. We have added blue to also represent the trust, loyalty, and wisdom we have cultivated over the years.

Along with our logo, we have introduced a new typeface Proxima Nova for a contemporary, practical, and slightly geometric feel. We have also added a dark teal to our color palette to provide a bold contrast for the logo and a unique palette to complete our new band identity.

Schlesinger Website on Devices

We are Proud to be Launching a New Website

To support the rebrand, we are launching a new website, located here at SchlesingerGroup.com. Built with our international research clients in mind, the contemporary, streamlined, multilingual site showcases our company, our brands, and our services providing an opportunity to discover who we are and what sets us apart.

We have made it easier to request bids and to stay in touch and have provided a range of resources to help you optimize your research results. It is responsive too – our site has been optimized for smart phones and tablets, which means that all of our visitors should be able to access our content on the go. We will continue to communicate regularly on news from our Group and on the industry events in which we are participating.

We hope you enjoy this window into our world at Schlesinger Group.

We wish to thank our clients for their trust and support over the years that has allowed us to grow and continue into 2018 and beyond as Schlesinger Group.

Want to know more? 

Sue Maldonado, EVP, Global Marketing & Internal Communications