Schlesinger Boston
Schlesinger Boston
Schlesinger Boston

Schlesinger Boston Upgrades

Our modern, high-specification facility in Boston has four spacious focus group suites, designed with special attention to your needs in IT/AV, design, comfort and flexibility.


  • Contemporary interiors
  • High-definition video recording
  • On-demand access to SD recordings
  • FocusVision FV360 Live
  • Spacious studios
  • Private client lounges
  • Flexible room styles
  • Research lab capabilities, including our latest methods: Facial Coding, EEG Neuromarketing, and Dials

Commenting on the news, Debby Schlesinger, Executive Vice President, Qualitative Solutions, said, “We are excited to offer clients a contemporary and effective research environment. Our experienced, hospitable team completes the picture with a genuine commitment to our clients’ study success.”

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